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Update 01/18/12: New Lot As Of 01/09/12 Purity 98.8%

     People's Choice Trading takes great pride obtaining and providing the highest purity Methyl Jasmonate available in the world manufactured in the USA under strict regulations and compliance in manufacturing.  People's Choice Trading understands strongly how important it is for our clients to acquire the highest purity Methyl Jasmonate for their needs. We believe, when you work with us you will find that we are unlike any other company offering Methyl Jasmonate. One of many advantages purchasing from MethylJasmonate.Net is that you can have confidence every time that a lot allocated to your order is sent directly from the manufacturer (inside the USA) to a lab to analyze and confirm purity before it reaches our clients. Our Lab uses various methods to test Methyl Jasmonate, such as Proton NMR and Carbon NMR spectra (This is a service we provide that no other company will offer you).

    Every order is bottled with a tamper evident seal in a safe and sterile environment to ensure quality control. With every order you will receive a sterile wrapped milliliter graduated pipet, two test results #1 TDS (Technical Data Sheet) #2 COA (Certificate Of Analysis) enclosed to confirm purity. Every order is shipped with MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet).

    Our dedicated customer service team will respond to your e mails and answer questions pertaining the processing of your order within 24 hours. We ensure fast shipping times bringing you the easiest online buying experience ever, plus multiple user friendly secure payment options such as PayPal or direct deposit to our company bank account. People's Choice Trading strongly believes in putting our self in our clients position, so we ensure that every order shipped to our clients should be received exactly the way we would like to receive it.  Our outstanding customer service and guaranteed quality Methyl Jasmonate sets us aside from other companies. Make your purchase with confidence!


Methyl Jasmonate Possible Applications


    Methyl Jasmonate may be used in various flavor applications to provide a tropical fruit, tutti-fruitti, peach, apricot, plum, berries, etc. Methyl Jasmonate is also used as a flavor in oolong and black tea. Methyl Jasmonate is extremely unique and versatile with respect to its use level. Methyl Jasmonate provides a unmistakable soft, green and true jasmine flavor with few, if any, secondary notes.


    Methyl Jasmonate may be used in various fragrances and is a popular ingredient in manufacturing aromas in candles, incense, soaps, bath salts, perfume and cologne. Methyl Jasmonate in its extracted pure form is a expensive rare fragrance, since Methyl Jasmonate makes up some 2-3% of jasmin oil. 15,000 blossoms are needed to give 1.5 g of the oil (10-4 g per blossom).

Cancer Research And Development

    Methyl Jasmonate has been demonstrated in scientific research to induce cytochrome c release in the mitochondria of cancer cells leading to the death of cancer cells. Research has also shown that Methyl Jasmonate is non-toxic and does not harm normal cells. Methyl Jasmonate is a anti-cancer and anti-leukemia compound that can cause cancer cell death in various types of cancer. Please see reference Jasmonates--a new family of anti-cancer agents. Flescher EAnticancer Drugs  2005 Oct;16(9):911-6.

Tissue Culture Hormone

    Methyl Jasmonate is some 2-3% of the jasmine oil from the jasmine plant. It accounts for much of the odor of the jasmine plant. Methyl jasmonate is a plant stress and warning compound that broadcasts a dangerous condition for the plant, typically fungi, insect pest attacks or physical damage. Methyl Jasmonate does not only occur in jasmine plants, but is widely used at lower levels in a variety of plants. If ingested by an insect, it tends to prevent the insect from eating. A rather smart analogy that stress hormones in plants might have benefits in animals led to the discovery of the cancer killing properies of Methyl Jasmonate. Methyl Jasmonate is a lipid-based hormone that signals to regulate a wide range of processes found in many plants, ranging from growth and photosynthesis, tendril (root) coiling, seed maturation to reproductive development. In particular, Methyl Jasmonate plays a critical role for plant defense against herbivory and plant responses to poor environmental conditions and other kinds of abiotic and biotic challenges. Reminiscent of talking trees in fiction, Methyl Jasmonate can communication between plants in anticipation of mutual dangers.
Please see reference Methyl Jasmonate Wikipedia &
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